Community Outreach

1. MyCoral 5.0 MSU Eco-Marine Project & Coral Propagation Project

Community Benefit:
The community was taught theoretically about coral propagation to increase coral populations. By increasing the coral population, it will also increase the populationof fishwithin the conservation area. This will help the local community from an Eco-tourism perspective. For instance, it will attract more tourists to the island. This will help increase the household income of the local communities. Furthermore, an increase in coral populations could help maintain the biodiversity of the sea, which can provide more benefits in the future. In addition, free health screenings were given to the local community.

Communities Benefited:
Approximately more than 200 MSU students and local communities in Pulau Geluk, Terengganu

2. FHLS Caseh Environment 2022

Community Benefit:
FHLS Caseh Environment 2022 is the initiative taken by the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS) of MSU, to create awareness and recognizing the importance of forest function to the urban life. Proactive measures have been taken by collaborating with the Free Tree Society to implement several programs for the conservation of forest biodiversity and rehabilitation in Pulai Trail, Bangsar. The MSU students with Free Tree Society planted 12 more flowering native shrubs and cleared out the drain and a section of the slope backing onto Jalan Limau Purut homes. The continuous collaboration with Free Tree Society shows a continuous and serious effort from MSU in conserving the forest function towards the environment.

Communities Benefited:
Pulai Trail @ Bukit Persekutuan Bangsar with 40 MSU students and local communities involved



3. FBMP Mangrove Plantation Action: Protect World’s Climate Change at Bagan Lalang, Sepang

Community Benefit:
The program is carried out by the Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP) of MSU. The main objective of this community service activity is to preserve the ecosystem by planting mangroves and spreading awareness to the public and among students on the importance of mangrove plantations during the climate change phase these days.

Communities Benefited:
More than 100 FBMP students and local communities in Bagan Lalang, Sepang



4. Art To Love: Digital Game for Orang Asli Kids – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3R)

Community Benefit:
The digital game increased their learning motivation and engagement among their community. Through the evaluation, students can improve their knowledge on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R). They are also exposed to the awareness of reduce, reuse, and recycle in their daily life. With this awareness campaign effort, the community will beaware of the existence of 3R’s. However, there were some limitations in this study, which are the game itself could not run properly on android devices. Meanwhile, for IOS it would run normally. Overall, this project showing a positive impact in promoting the element and principle of 3R’s among Orang Asli (indigenous) kids’ community on steps to reduce their environmental impact. According to the schoolteacher in the interview session, this effort can be an effective tool for engaging and educating students about waste reduction and promoting a more environmentally conscious mindset. After their playing games, we observe that the community can work together on digital platforms to share tips and have strategies for waste reduction and recycling. They also can use the application tools to organize and participate in waste reduction events and initiatives.

Communities Benefited:
150 Orang Asli Communities around Shah Alam includes the children and their parents

5. My Blue Forest

Community Benefit:
The target community is expected to gain a better understanding of the needs to safeguardtheir natural resources, especially the forest and mangrove forest. This community shouldfeel empowered to take actions and share the equal responsibility to protect nature that will affect their future livelihood. The immediate direct benefits from this program might not be visible or measurable as this program will need a long and continuous effort to showsomeresults. Therefore, the program aimed to measure the impact based on the improvement of natural resources that the community can gain such as the volume and quality of forest resources obtained. This can be in the form of several improvements in income generating sources such as aquatic life (crabs, prawns, fishes, etc.), wildlife and other flora that can be harvested for income. By protecting their local natural resources and practicing sustainable gathering of forest resources, this program would like to measure the volume and quality of produce obtained from the local communities within a span of a few years. Apart from this, the program aimed to have the targeted community adapt to the development of urbanization and investigate alternative sources of income from the natural surroundings. The community might be able to provide the input and advice on the development of their surrounding and educate others to adopt the sustainable development of their surroundings such as natural landscaping and the use of natural resources to replace synthetic materials.

Communities Benefited:
30 MSU students and more than 100 local communities in Surabaya, Indonesia

No Title Community Benefit Communities Benefitted
1 MSU MY SOLAR 1.0 The solar installation in Perak aims to promote renewable energy usage, particularly solar energy, by generating power entirely from solar energy. The area, with a high Muslim community of 300 people, is ideal for extra activities like wedding feasts and Ramadan usage. The lack of budget for increased lamp sources may limit these activities. The solar installation will provide extra light and avoid criminal issues inthe area Villages in Perak
2 Sustainability and Awareness of Flora and Fauna Ecosystem (S.A.F.E.): Mangrove and Firefly Project Fireflies and the mangrove ecosystem are vital ecotourism revenue sources for communities worldwide. They provide habitats for wildlife and are bio-indicators of environmental health. However, fireflies are declining due to habitat degradation, pollution, pesticide use, and human habitation. They are iconic insects in biomedical research, but their ecosystem is poorly understood, with studies focusing on only a few species Selangor Community
3 Construction Waste Runoff: An Impact to Environment and Possible Teratogenicity to the Resident Nearby Sugai Plong The outcome of this project is to educate the villagers on the issue of illegal dumping and the precaution step to be taken Sungai Buloh Communities
4 Marine Education and Awareness Engaging students on activities such as awareness talk, and coastal cleanup activities had brought the students closer to the nature. It also initiated and pursued awareness and education as early at school level of education Cheras Community
5 Investigation of Potential Toxic Effects Construction Waste Runoff Collected from Illegal Dumping Site The outcome of this project is to educate the villagers on the issue of illegal dumping and the precaution step to be taken Sungai Buloh Communities
6 River Revival-River Restoration Improve water quality in Sugai Damansara near MSU area to enhance aquatic ecosystems. Increased pH to less acidic levels promote sustainable microorganism growth, control overgrowth, and encourages aquatic plants and animals. The mudball microorganisms increase dissolved oxygen, attracting fishes and providing a lively recreational area for the community Sungai Damansara
7 Live Ola Lift Solar MSU researchers and students visited the Orang Jakun Pahang settlement to assess their power usage to provide alternative power optimisation measures. They mounted a new solar panel power saving system design which had a direct impact on the community involved. The research provided a power engineering solution and improved the lives of the community Orang Jakun Pahang
8 MyO2 Program - Reused Cooking Oil & Herbal Garden MSU academics and students collected used cooking old and encouraged the practice of using recycled used cooking oils among SMEs in Shah Alam. They also organised public awareness campaign of recycling used cooking oil for environmental sustainability MSU academics and students planted herbal plants at Sg. Kanching Waterfall & Recreation Forest and created an awareness drive to study the attitudes and feedback by visitors at the area. They also provided herbal signages to inform the community of the benefits of the herbs SME at Shah Alam & Visitors at Sg. Kanching Waterfall & Recreation Forest

1. HeARTS @ MSU: MyNeighbours

Community Benefit:
aimed to have the targeted community adapt to the development of urbanization and investigate alternative sources of income from the natural surroundings. The community might be able to provide the input and advice on the development of theirsurrounding and educate others to adopt the sustainable development of their surroundingssuch as natural landscaping and the use of natural resources to replace synthetic materials.

Communities Benefited:
Approximately 50 less fortunate family and communities around Shah Alam participated



2. 21st Century Teaching Method Using 3D Models with Higher Educational Students

Community Benefit:
This project introduces a new method of teaching science in higher learning institutes. Theuse of technology to teach science has become a major concern among many academicians. The use of animals in teaching has also become a question due to cost andethical considerations. The main purpose of this project is to expose science students totechnology-based education methods and new approaches to teaching. This project wasconducted among various medical students from Management and Science University (MSU) and other different institutions. Students were given surveys before this workshopwasconducted, to check their knowledge and confidence levels in animal handling. Werequested that students fill out the questionnaire prior to the workshop. Once studentsfilled out the survey, we conducted the workshop using a 3D model rat for teaching bloodwithdrawal techniques such as cardiac puncture and tail cutting. Plenty of time was giventothe students to explore this 3D model until they felt confident with this method. After completing the workshop, the same questionnaire was given to the students to answer.

Communities Benefited:
Around 40 tertiary education’s students (Science Cluster) from various local universities.

3. Let’s Read with Orang Asli (Indigenous) Children

Community Benefit:
The use of Big Book and ICT in accordance with their cultural experiences as story contentsin enhancing their vocabulary and comprehension abilities specifically and reading ability as whole helped the students to learn better. The Orang Asli (indigenous) children have been benefited through the reading program especially in enhancing their interest in reading and word recognition. Besides, teachers were also being able to gain the platform and knowledge about using big-book and ICT story in teaching the English language.

Communities Benefited:
More than 250 Orang Asli (indigenous) students from various primary schools.

4. MSU STAR Project 2022 (Sustainable. Transforming. Aspire. Ramadhan)

Community Benefit:
The community has been impacted greatly with the awareness campaign. It was very fascinating for the community to understand that they can directly involve in crime prevention. This type of involvement involves a certain amount of risk. Although these efforts may not always result in positive outcomes such as increased services and prevention programs, they will show that victims are not helpless. Community involvement is one of the best ways to reduce crime and increase safety within communities. The awareness campaign also stated that for the safety of residents in any area, it is vital that the community participates in crime prevention. Community members can educate the public about crime and create a safe environment. MSU has decided to take up this project every year to increase crime awareness. Not only that, participation by the community in crime prevention is a great way for citizens to build trust and strengthen the relationship between police and community. Their contributions can be extremely beneficial to society, regardless of whether they are focused on education, health, or mentoring youth. These initiatives can make communities more livable and reduce the potential for criminal behavior. Another effective way to engage community members in crime prevention is to set up community patrols. This type of activity, sponsored by organizations such as the National Association of Town Watch, helps residents be extra eyes for law enforcement. Community cleanups are another activity. This shows that residents care about their communities.

Communities Benefited:
More than 500 less fortunate (B40) communities around Shah Alam benefited from this program

5. Heritage Walk: Putrajaya Iconic Tour

Community Benefit:
This program is to educate the participants to value the heritage destination in Malaysia particularly Putrajaya. The participants are expected to have good knowledge and strategies to preserve our valuable destinations on their own ways, such as by sharing information and positive experience on social media. By doing that, the impact of this programis not just affect the behavior of the participants but indirectly to the Putrajaya community. People will acknowledge Putrajaya not just as Malaysian Government administration center, but asvaluable heritage destination among tourists. Besides, by conducting this program, it will encourage the community to appreciate more on our cultural and heritage, and have responsibility to preserve it for the next generation. This program is expected to educate the participants and Putrajaya community about the importance of sustainability concept.

Communities Benefited:
More than 200 Putrajaya Community and Shah Alam community

No Title Community Benefit Communities Benefitted
1 Kajian Kesedaran Terhadap Integrasi Sosial Dalam Kalangan Orang Asli This project is to instil the spirit of social solidarity and patriotism of Orang Asli within the major society in Malaysia. It to increase understanding and nurturing the spirit of social solidarity in assisting the nation of Malaysia to build a strong integration among society. This project also helps to enlighten the area of surau during night and avoid criminal issues in the area Orang Asli Community in Pahang
2 The Effect of Library Environment on Kindergarten Student Learning: A Case Analysis of "Art to Love" Project for Indigenous People MSU students participate in a community service project involving the Orang Asli community, focusing on welfare and social change to share their resources with others and develop skills and leadership abilities while creating meaningful social change with Orang Asli community. The program develops leadership, teamwork, and organization skills, while fostering meaningful relationships and a life-changing experience. Communities in Negeri Sembilan
3 Migrant Voice - Development of Data Management Tools All complains regarding employment abuse are handled manually, the NGOs are swarmed with reports, new complaints are being filed constantly and the NGOs lack the ability to process them. Moreover, there is no automated classification nor processing abilities for the received data, reporting and analysis are done manually and individually as well. The main aim of this project is to design and develop a prototype for a data collection and management tool for the NGOs provide better and faster services for the lower skilled migrant workers community Migrant workers in Klang Valley, Selangor
4 Jalinan Muhibah bersama Orang Asli This project is targeting to instil the spirit of social solidarity and patriotism of Orang Asli within the major society in Malaysia. Not only that, this project is also targeting to build a module to instil the social integration and social cohesion values among the Orang Asli as the part of Malaysian society. Orang Asli Selangor
5 Marine Awareness and 3R programme among School Children MSU academics and students carried out research on the awareness of marine sustainability and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) programme among the school children of Sekolah Rendah Dukuh Keramati Jati Jakarta Various primary schools in Jakarta
6 Hearts@MSU 2021: MyNeighbours The MyNeighbours (Nurturing Generations, Building Society) program is to improve the economic capability of the urban poor community through knowledge and skills transfer from MSU. Basic Design for Business, Basic Sewing, Food Costing Guide, and a Baking Workshop are among the courses offered for the urban community. Asnaf In Klang Valley
7 MSU SHCA Bright "Building Revival Generation" This program aims to provide knowledge and skills to orphan communities involved area of Klang Valley. Through this program, the organiser organised several knowledge transfer activities specifically the skills of baking, sewing, cooking, wellness activities to encourage the orphanage to be health and some covid-19 prevention procedure knowledge Rumah Anak Yatim & Miskin
8 MSU Evolution of Pulau Ketam 1) KTP Project: Eco Soap using used oil
  • Workshop on making a soap using used cooking oil by MSU student to the adult women of Orang Asli Community at Pulau Ketam.
  • Provide complete tool for them for self- practise
  • Next visit we will teach them about generating income by selling the Eco-Soap
Kampung Orang Asli
9 Examining the Effectiveness of eUsahawan to Enhance Entrepreneurial Skills among Small Entrepreneurships This program taught different business strategies from the eUsahawan web portal, which can be applied to their own business. This free accessible knowledge and learning process will enhance the knowledge of all these small entrepreneurs to manage and organise their business in an effective manner Various Business Ventures
10 Improving the Acceptance of Malay Cuisine among Customers in Shah Alam Our target community understand the importance of marketing mix to promoteMalay cuisine. They also learn the importance of promotional activities. Moreover, they learn how to do packaging to promote Malay cuisine. From this projectour community will be able to improve their marketing mix which eventually boost their profit Various Small Cafes and Hotels in Shah Alam
11 Developing an App to Reduce Queues in Retail Stores This project helped many owners of grocery shop to mitigate operational error. They can manage their transaction with minimal flaw. In fact, they can shorten their payment process Various Small Marts
12 Financial Literacy Program (FLiP): Financial Education Intiatives on Financial Capabilities on Shah Alam Community Malaysia's government is concerned about 75% of 20-33-year-olds having long-term debt, with 37% having multiple debts. FLiP will join FENetwork to enhance financial education and identify opportunities for boosting financial literacy. This project will help identify the need for innovative modules for targeted populations Shah Alam Community
13 UBS Accounting Project with SME Business owners has benefited in terms of identification of business weakness and threats to be overcome with the recommendations and suggestions by MSU- USB CSR project team Klang Valley
14 Association between Self- Control and Aggression: An Analysis among Low Socioeconomic Status Individuals in East Coast of Malaysia MSU academics and students assessed level of aggression and self-control among low socio-economic status individuals to explore the relationship between these variables Low socio-economic group

1. Embracing Community Health Outreach (ECHO)
Embracing Community Health Outreach (ECHO) is an initiative at well-rounded social development encompassing community healthcare and environmental sustainability. The program is open to student through volunteerism. It was a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and build skills as the students received real-time on-site mentoring.

    i. Community Healthcare Outreach Project with Elderly Groups:

    The fourth-year medical students from International Medical Students have participated in this project to promote awareness on the importance of physical activity, to increase knowledge on different types of feasible physical activities and to conduct free medical checkup for the elderly groups at the selected old folks’ home. Among the physical activities conducted with the elderly groups are light exercises and physiotherapy sessions for physical health interventions. In addition, the activities also included grouping sessions with the elderly groups that involve a heart-to-heart talk where they express their thoughts, feelings and emotions to share their experiences, hopes and support.

    Other activities conducted:
    • Physical exercises through Yoga, light exercise, and ‘Chairobic’ that focus on group of elderly members and the caregivers
    • Visual board on life review and inter-generational exchange, where the elderly were provided with paper and a board to encourage them to write about the expectations out of life at this age point, what they intend to achieve, what they value the most and about their achievements in the past.
    • Education on social media with the aim to educate the elderly on how to use social media to build networks. Information on how to improve their well-being and health was also shared on that Facebook page.
    • Free medical checkup for the public especially the old folks
    • Gardening activities to reduce stress and aid in achieving mental clarity, while also helping to prevent everything from coronary disease to colon cancer
    Communities Benefited:
    More than 100 Selangor old folks/elderly communities

    ii. Community Health Intervention Program (HIP): Community Healthcare Outreach Project with Community in Flood Prone Area:

    The Health Intervention Program was organized by the medical students with the local community in a flood-prone area in Padang Jawa, Shah Alam. It is an is an initiative by MSU to build resilience in the community to instil better coping strategies in flood victims. The project has collaborated with a local government agency, National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) to introduce the role of NADMA and the knowledge sharing on prevention, response and recovery of flood. This encompasses the awareness for the measures that should be taken by the community in term of their safety, security, life support, health and storing medication if the occurrence of the floods. The local government authority, Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA) has given a demonstration on water rescue techniques and basic life support to deliver knowledge and skills for safety purposes during flood. This includes the prevention and management of flood by the community affected. The health officers from the government public hospital, Hospital Shah Alam has delivered awareness talk the ways to store medication during flood. The collaboration also involved the participation of MSU’s private hospital, MSU Medical Centre to provide free health screenings for the blood pressure, BMI and eye checkup to the community.

    Communities Benefited:
    More than 200 MSU students and local Selangor communities

2. Myopia Screening, Prevention and Intervention Management: A National Eye HealthStudies (MySPINES)

The community in Hulu, Selangor for instance is mostly undeserved in terms of access to eye health care. Through this project, eye health care can be accessed in rural areas, reducing the number of children detected with refractive errors. This project assists in reducing the number of untreated refractive errors, especially Myopia, which leads to blindness. The children can be given earlier intervention, whether through spectacle correction or othermethods of prevention. This program also benefited local and international eye care practitioners through the current and updated data provided, which raised awareness to enhance eye health care services in rural areas. Thus, through this project, new methods and equipment have also been invented to enhance access to eye health care in rural areas.

My SPINES aims to provide updated information on the prevalence of Myopia in Malaysia and to ensure accessibility to proper and affordable eye care service that can empower the community to have early detection and self-care about eye health. The objective of My SPINES is to prevent blindness and visual impairment and to promote good health and wellbeing in the community. 70 schools, including primary and secondary schools participated in the vision screenings conducted by teams of researchers and clinicians from MSU’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS), Department of Optometry and Visual Science (DOVS) and MSU Centre OF Excellence (CoE) iCare. 696 students that were screened from the 1600 students were from the underprivileged community and a refractive defect was discovered in 475 students, making them eligible for free glasses.MSU added a new entry in the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR) when the university introduced the MSUMyopia Screening Prevention and Intervention (My SPINES) – a National Eye Health Study in conjunction with World Sight Day 2022.

The project was inspired by a joint initiative by World Health Organization (WHO) and International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) to reduce global issues concerning blindness. MSU is a member of Asia Pacific Council of Optometry, and this project is significant to the accessibility of the local community to receive eyecare assessments and support needed. Prevention of blindness is one of primary research areas covered by the university. This aligns with the goal of SDG 3 through the initiative implemented through conducting research in health-related fields. The launch event of MSU Myopia Screening, Prevention and Intervention (MySPINES) was sponsored by Kelab Pesona Selangor, BionicsScience Sdn Bhd, Bausch & Lomb Sdn Bhd, and Gabungan PIBG Sekolah Hulu Selangor. The collaboration also involved alumni of MSU in the optometry field and NGOs to train volunteers in having training designed to conduct vision screening for early detection.

3. Junior Paramedic Program 2022

The Junior Paramedic program is one of the programs held almost every year by MSU students through the Faculty of Health and Life Science (FHLS). The main goal of this program is to impart knowledge related to basic supervision to secondary school students (Form 4, 5 and uniformed school teams). It aims to channeling first aid knowledge to the secondary school students. The sharing of knowledge and experience include the basic emergency treatment (first aid) such as wound dressing, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, basic fracture treatment, basic treatment of fire, recovery of a choking victim, and etc. First aid training helps the students learn to be more conscious of safety in the school and can lead to a reduced number of accidents and injuries. They will be aware of the hazard & risk that might cause accident and able to take precaution measure in their school.

Communities Benefited:
More than 500 Selangor secondary school students

4. Smart Med

Smart Med is a current ongoing project that involves MSU with other local and international institutions which focuses on home medication review up to patient intervention and monitoring of their disease outcome especially in medication compliance towards safety, efficacy, friendly environment and together with right economical for the patient. This project is one of the initiatives by MSU to support SDG goal 3 to promote good health and wellbeing among patients. The project consists of three main objectives: patient education, student skills enhancement and potential for post graduate opportunities. In addition, the project aims to provide positive impact to the community to educate patient on disease and medication management and improvement in disease outcome. This project consists of fourphases: home medication review, comprehensive medication management, intervention and monitoring as its complete ecosystem.



5. FBMP Youth Patriotism With Rumah Amal (Charity House)

This community project provides an opportunity to give back to the less fortunate, while also embracing a healthy lifestyle that highlights the importance of always being prepared to help those in need. Activities with the children, include Sukaneka (fun sports for the children), Cinta Merdekaria (Handprint Art), singing patriotic songs, and flag waving. These activities were also aimed develop a sense of patriotism in honour of Malaysia's Independence Day.

Communities Benefited:
More than 50 less fortunate communities in surrounding Shah Alam charity house



6. Awareness Campaign among MSUrians on Period Poverty

Community Benefit:
Improved overall health: Good menstrual hygiene practices can help reduce the risk of infections, including urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections, which can have serious health consequences. By promoting menstrual hygiene, the community can help improve the overall health and well-being of women and girls.

Improved environmental sustainability: Disposable menstrual products contribute to environmental pollution and waste. By promoting the use of reusable menstrual products such as menstrual cups, period underwear, and cloth pads, the community can help reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability.

Communities Benefited:
MSU female staff and students



7. Lending Our Love: Orang Asli Edition (Tutorials)

Community Benefit:
Through this Lending Our Love program, the sharing sessions given to some extent can raise awareness about hygiene and the benefits of deworming medicine, and we supply necessities for hygiene use such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, bath liquid, and deworming medicine. Considering that the health problems faced by the natives are increasing and that most of them are caused by hygiene, Indirectly, having a hygiene modulecan help them overcome health problems caused by not maintaining it. In addition, inmoving towards the empowerment of indigenous women, the modules for making Kuih Raya (local cookies) and teaching cooking to them to increase their income were conducted. With that, they can become entrepreneurs and make it a source of livelihood for their community.

Communities Benefited:
More than 300 Orang Asli (Indigenous) Communities around Malaysia



8. MSU Community Outreach Week (C.O.W)

Community Benefit:
This activity was conducted with the intention to allow students to engage with the community and to be aware of the importance of serving the community. During the Covid- 19 pandemic, most people are affected either financially, mentally, physically, or even emotionally even though its post Covid-19, the effects can be seen very clearly. Our goal isto lighten the burden of the community by providing beneficial awareness and activities that are engaging and showing care

Communities Benefited:
More than 500 less fortunate (B40) Communities around Shah Alam, Klang and Petaling District



No Title Community Benefit Communities Benefitted
1 Awareness Campaign on Healthy Lifestyle of Shah Alam Community: Emphasizing the Importance of Both Physical and Psychological Health Today, stress, addiction, workplace discrimination, drug and substance addiction, lack of health consciousness, and unhealthy eating behaviours are prevalent issues. To address these issues, MSU Staff and students conducted awareness campaign focusing on activities that raise awareness and promote conscious action Shah Alam Community
2 Dengue Awareness The community was educated by distributing the dengue awareness brochure and briefing about how to eliminate mosquito breeding sites. This program has provided health messages and become more benefits of good practice towards dengue infection. Shah Alam community
3 H2O Based on the early observation (before) on the Orang Asli community, their knowledge on health and hygiene is very week. After two days event we realized that some of them show some changes such as used slippers when they go out from their home. We still need time to observe their improvement especially in term of their health and hygiene awareness by doing regular visit to their village. Orang Asli Community in Pahang
4 MyShape 2.0: Nutritional Health Promotion Program The participated mothers got to know the nutritional status of their infant, correct breastfeeding position and method, and learn the breast self-examination as an early detection method for breast cancer. Various School parents from Shah Alam
5 Visual Assessment in School Children These children will receive early vision screening to prevent them from having visual problems. The educational talk for the teachers and children will help them to understand the children's visual status. Various Schools from Subang Jaya
6 Healthy Eating and Hygienic Food Preparation among Orang Asli Community Improving parents and caregivers’ knowledge on healthy and hygienic food preparation to ensure children received optimum dietary intake and improve their growth as well as nutritional status Orang Asli Children (preschoolers/schoolage) Negeri Sembilan
7 Developing a New Assessment Affordable for the Early Detection of Binocular Vision Problem among ‘Orang Asli’ Children The project is to investigate further on non- squint binocular vision problem among 'Orang Asli' children because children with non-squint binocular vision problem may have problem with vision and it may be a factor affected their learning activities. Orang Asli communities in Kuala Langat Selangor
8 Traditional Medicine use among Patients with Dengue Fever: Cross - Sectional Study in Melaka Understanding of unconventional treatment practices, including using home remedies and traditional medicine distinctive to cultural beliefs that are prominent, thus warrant consideration when designing education messages of dengue for the region and conducted an awareness campaign Hospitals in Melaka
9 Prevention of Blindness Project The project helps all level of the community to take care of their eyes and improve productivity at work and have a good quality of life. Not only that, The visual aids such as free spectacles to community in need. Orang Asli in Selangor
10 Lung Function of Children Exposed to Particulate Matters form Construction Waste Open Dumping The construction waste open dumping site released substantial amount of PM10 into ambient air of the area. Due to proximity to the dumping site, the children were exposed to substantial amount of PM10 which led to respiratory symptoms and decrement of lung unction whereby almost half of the children examined had abnormal lung function. This warns action by local communities and authority to initiate site clearance. Besides, the children and their parents were explained on the importance of wearing respiratory protection, e.g face mask. Children of SK Sungai Plong, Sg Buloh, Selangor
11 Promotion of Initiation, Continuation and Exclusively of Breastfeeding The participated mothers get to know the nutritional status of their infant, correct breastfeeding position and method, and learn the breast self-examination as an early detection method for breast cancer. Various School parents from Shah Alam
12 Cardiovascular Awareness on Risk Factors From this project, local community will gain knowledge on these risk factors. The health screening on the risk factors will benefit our local community on the status of their health and risk toward the cardiovascular disease. The health and nutrition consultation will benefits community to improve the risk factors toward cardiovascular disease. Kuala Lumpur Community
13 KAP on dengue infection MSU academics and students created the awareness of dengue infection campaign among the university students in Shah Alam while using a knowledge, awareness, and practice survey to assess the current trends to better design their awareness campaign in the future as the follow up activity. University students in Shah Alam
14 Safety starts with me MSU academics and students carried out a program entitled “Safety starts with me” conducted at Sekolah Kebangsaan Klang. The event is the conjunction program with local industrial partner. The objective of this event as to increase occupational safety, health, and environmental awareness among the school community Sekolah Kebangsaan Klang
15 Improvement of Knowledge on Depression via KDA Puzzle Among Adolescents attending Tuition Centers in Kuala Selangor MSU academics and students assessed the knowledge of depression for adolescent (KDA-puzzle) intervention to enhance the knowledge on depression among secondary school students attending tuition centers in Kuala Selangor Kuala Selangor
16 Food security and depression during the MCO MSU academic staff and students assessed the prevalence of food insecurity and depression levels among Malaysian adults during the Movement Control Order (MCO) and provided food for those near MSU. Malaysian Adults aged 21-50 years old
17 Fight against fly tipping MSU academic staff and students assessed air quality in a nearby school children and teachers on their lung function at the school. We also conducted awareness talk to the parents and children as well as provide safety masks voluntarily. Later, based on our report to SWCopr, site clearance is taking place. Primary School in Sungai Buloh
18 Household-based survey of knowledge, attitude, and practices towards dengue infections among local city communities MSU academics and students created awareness of dengue outbreaks and helped them to cooperate efficiently in controlling the personal hygiene of their environment by assessing their attitudes and feedback via a survey instrument. The feedback benefited the local communities in Shah Alam by providing them information to improve their practices to curb the number of dengue cases in the area. Local communities in Shah Alam
19 Know The Facts About Covid-19 Vaccines This is an awareness project on Covid-19 vaccines and to educate the community the benefits of the vaccines. The project involves MSU students and community around Shah Alam. Seksyen 13, Shah Alam Community
20 Distribution Of Food and Hygiene Care Package This activity was conducted with the intention to allow students to engage with the community and to be aware of the importance of serving the community. During this COVID-19 pandemic, most people are affected either financially, mentally, physically, or even emotionally. Our goal is to lighten the burden of the community by providing beneficial activities that are engaging and showing care. PPR Pangsapuri Rimba
21 A Day of Giving Back to the Community This program aims to engage with people in the activities and at the same time aware of the importance of giving back to the community and ensuring a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for the community. Frontliners
22 GPS Ramadan 2021: Reaching Community, Preserving Humanity luster students and staff to embrace giving and grateful culture. Bubur Lambuk were prepared and distributed to the B40. Besides that, survey on the Knowledge Attitudes and Practice (KAP) and health promotion on preventing Covid-19 also been conducted by the medical students as part of activities. Shah Alam Communities
23 Healthy Meal To encourage healthy lifestyle and healthy eating among the Malaysian population, numerous activities were conducted. The activities generally involved communication and knowledge sharing with the communities on benefits of healthy eating and preparing healthy meals specific for their age groups, in line with SDG3. Shah Alam Communities
24 Psy-Health Awareness Among Youth 1) To promote mental/ psychological health awareness among the high school students.
2) To convey the message of the importance of mental/ psychological health.
High Schools in Shah Alam
25 The Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus Type-2 And Associations with Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Among Youth in Malaysia Malaysia's diabetes prevalence increased from 2012-2019 due to lifestyle, inactivity, diet, urbanization, socioeconomic status, and education. Prevention and awareness shouldbe increased to reduce the prevalence. A positive family history of diabetes is associated with higher awareness. This study aims to improve knowledge, attitude, and practice among youth in Malaysia, reducingthe number of diabetic patients and promoting better management. The Project was done in an awareness campaign among various youth communities in Shah Alam and Klang valley. Youth And Community of Shah Alam and Klang Valley
26 Hygiene Care and Economy Awareness 1. Benefits in the form of hygiene care education and awareness for the urban poor as a form of community development programme.
2. Benefits in the form of awareness in economy-savvy during the pandemic and coping mechanisms for the urban poor community.
Community in Selangor

1. 10th Let’s Play Carnival 2022

10th Let’s Play Carnival 2022 which is organized annually by IMC Training Centre for Special Needs, had been conducted at one of the Management and Science University (MSU) sport’s facility in the Panasonic Sports Complex Shah Alam. To support this wonderful event, MSU also contributed by providing volunteers which consist of the MSU students and staff. In the context of special needs children, these telematch games provide an opportunity for the children to develop physical skills, improve coordination, and enhance their overall fitness levels. By working and collaborating together with the local disability organizations, schools and community centers, it is possible to create an inclusive and supportive environment that celebrates the abilities and achievements of all participants.

Communities Benefited:
Benefited to surrounding Petaling District schools, consisting of more than 200 disabled/special needs children



2. Bear-A-Thon (Marathon Event)

Management and Science University (MSU) through its Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS) organized the Bear-A-Thon 5km and 10km runs, and together with main sponsor Bank Rakyat. An early morning Zumba had gathered all participants at MSU’s U-Square for a fun pre-run exercise. It was calculated thousand participants from MSUrians as well as public participants were flagged off; first with the 10km marathoners, followed by the 5km runners. On standby at strategic spots along the 5km and 10km routes around Shah Alam Section 13 were volunteers manning the drinks stations and the medical base. Early finishers received a commemorative medal each. Participants who could not finish within the stipulated time were rounded up by sweeper cars before cooling down with rest therapy and the rest of the finishers. MSU President Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid had also launched the joint Bank Rakyat Nuri Nutrisi and MSU MyShape project, a collaboration in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Nuri Nutrisi is a nutrition program for the nation’s underprivileged schoolchildren. Three winners each from the 5km and 10km runs received hampers, vouchers, or cash prizes of between two hundred and five hundred Ringgit. Other activities included a children’s coloring contest, with prizes sponsored by Bank Rakyat. Among the many booths set up around U-Square was one offering MSU’s award-winning 8-in-1 herbal coffee Maca Delima, which has been proven to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Communities Benefited:
More than 500 MSU staff and students, also Shah Alam Community



3. MSU Youth and Sports Convention (MYSCO)

Management and Science University (MSU) recognizes the importance of sports in personal development. Due to that, MSU held the MSU Youth and Sports Convention (MYSCO) in conjunction with the National Sports Month (Bulan Sukan Negara). MYSCO was a collaboration by MSU’s Students and Career Development (SCD) Department and Student Representative Council (SRC). There are few speakers and panel invited such as the National Sports Institute’s CEO Mr. Ahmad Faedzal, National Sports Council of Malaysia (NSC) Deputy Director General (Strategic) Mr Suhardi Alias, Selangor FA U-21 Head Coach Mr K Gunalan, and national rhythmic gymnast Miss Izzah Amzan.

Communities Benefited:
More than 300 MSU students' athletes and local youth athletes



4. Futsal Friendly Match

Community Benefit:
Management and Science University through the MSU Futsal Team, frequently invite the local futsal clubs from the local and other universities teams for a futsal friendly match in the Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam. The agreement sealed between MSU and Panasonic Sports Complex makes the stadium and sports complex become one of the sports facilities for MSU.

Communities Benefited:
Local futsal teams, other universities’ futsal teams



5. Unite N Play: Juggling Competition

Community Benefit:
Management and Science University through the MSU Football Club had been organizing a juggling competition, football quizzes and goal post shooting challenge for the MSU student and staff, as well as the local community. This event carried out at the U-Square offered a fantastic reward to the winners.

Communities Benefited:
MSU student, staff and open to Shah Alam Communities



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