Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

SDG 17 advocates for global sustainability partnerships. The goal emphasizes global macroeconomic stability and the need to mobilize international and domestic resources for developing countries. It highlights the necessity of trade for developing countries and equitable trade laws. SDG 17 promotes access to science, technology, and innovation, especially internet-based Information and Communication Technology. Management and Science University Collaborated with various government officials during the pandemic to protect and uphold the lives and economies, health-risk of the community.

The appointment of MSUMC as a National COVID-19 Vaccination Centre by the Ministry of Health Malaysia is a continuation of Management and Science University's (MSU) former responsibility for administering COVID-19 tests ( Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing by MSUMC, performed through MSU's Research and Diagnostic Lab (DXL), helped lower infection risks among the Malaysian population at the onset of the pandemic. The National COVID-19 Immunization Program (NIP) consists of three phases, and MSUMC is one of 500 public vaccination facilities (Pusat Pemberian Vaksin) in Malaysia. During Phase one, MSU provided covid vaccination to Frontliners and Seniors. In addition, every day for six weeks starting September 20, about 2,500 16- to 17-year-old students in the Petaling Perdana and Petaling Utama districts receive Pfizer's Comirnaty vaccinations at the MSU Chancellor Hall Vaccination Centre (PPV). ( &

Additionally, through the M-Protect Project, MSU donated 1,800 PPE to several government hospitals. The School of Hospitality and Creative Arts and the International Medical School developed the M-ProteC Project as a community service initiative. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, university staff and students collaborated to design personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical frontline workers. Safety and care were stressed from the earliest stages of designing, cutting, assembling, and packaging to assure the quality of the PPEs. The prepared PPEs were handed to the hospitals on a staggered basis, to the satisfaction of all. (