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Immerse Yourself in the Pharmacy Sector

Offered at the diploma, bachelor, and master levels, pharmacy is among the key programmes at Management and Science University (MSU). The curriculum focuses on the practises of hospital pharmacy, medication, health counselling and consultation, patient management, and clinical pharmacy. Key principles are covered in lectures and delivered by experienced and research-active academicians. This compact school under the sciences medium produces graduates who are laboratory- and hospital-ready. The students are prepared for real-world work in the field of pharmacy.

MSU’s strong links with external research institutions such as hospitals and industrial laboratories add even greater texture to the students’ learning experiences. They will also be exposed to the industries through practical placements and global programmes such as the Global Mobility Programme (GMP), Global Internship Programme (GIP), and Global Leadership Programme (GLP). These programmes are carefully curated to expand the learning experiences of our students and further prepare them for what it takes to be a balanced, well-rounded, and holistic pharmacist.