Just graduated or soon to be graduated? Your journey with Management and Science University (MSU) does not have to end at getting your degree.

It goes beyond than that and we are honoured to be part of your after-university journey too. We at MSU are eternally proud of each one of our alumni and we want to continuously support you while see you make every success count in your career.

From basic follow-up services upon graduating to a continuous support, MSU’s dedicative Alumni Team will relentlessly stand in the gap to provide the best support system to the alumni of MSU.

To encapsulate all these information and more into one platform, the team has established a portal dedicated to hub the information of all the services provided for the alumni community at MSU.

MSU Alumni Portal has information on services such as lifelong learning, career services, business opportunities and consultancies, professional development, and business and career mentoring.

Apart from that, the portal also consists of alumni directory a.k.a carte de visite, featured alumni profiles, postgraduate programmes and part-time courses, and many more.

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