The MSU Logo - Its Rationale - The Colours: Red, Black and White


The red and black colours are specifically chosen to depict a bold and balanced growth of MSU. Red connotes radiance and the vibrancy of MSU’s role in education against the Black colour which denotes change and the challenges confronting it. The colour white, on the other hand, implies the purity and infinity of knowledge for all to discover at MSU.
The Hibiscus
The national flower, the Hibiscus, symbolically represents MSU as a university deeply rooted within rich Malaysian values. MSU’s steadfastness is depicted through the generous red and white petals whereas the largest white dot, the stigma, at the end of the upward-surge of the style depicts a globe, signifying the University’s readiness to be a regional and global institution of choice. MSU’s focus areas of Medicine, the Health Sciences, Business Management and Information Sciences & Engineering are metaphorically linked with the hibiscus.
The complete flower is seen as symbolizing life vis-avis the focus on Medicine and Health Sciences related disciplines. The ‘M’ shaped petals represent the management whereas the style relates to the information sciences and engineering disciplines offered through MSU. The ‘M’ shaped petals are also closely associated with the elements of love and care embedded within MSU and its community. The five petals are MSU’s five mission statements in its quest at nurturing leaders of tomorrow through quality education professed by means of innovative teaching and learning methodologies that ensure students’ success.