Welcome to MSU
Welcome to MSU, your global university of choice. 
As the most entrepreneurial private university in Malaysia*, we're committed to transforming lives, enriching future.
Take advantage of the unique opportunities we offer. 
Along with other students from over 40 countries, you will become part of a vibrant international student community.
Let's #go2MSU!
* 2016 title awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MoHE)



Management and Science University is a global university that emphasizes the success of its graduates, both in academic excellence and soft skills in order to produce a holistic, balance and well-rounded graduate.
The moment you step into the MSU campus, you will experience the dynamic cultural diversity that is felt all around. Our students bring life into the overall vibrancy on site, with their combination of personalities and lifestyles. Their different racial or academic backgrounds and experiences, add unique features of the university, where individual growth and communication are leveraged. 
Our international students from over 40 countries worldwide also add to this existing cultural diversity and you can anticipate the interesting campus life activities, where cultures and customs collide. Our students are given opportunities to gain international exposure while they study here. Similarly, international students planning for shorter period of time can also come to experience the global mobility program we offer.
The Global Mobility Program (GMP), Global Leadership Program (GLP) and Global Internship Program (GIP) allow students to empower their global experience with MSU university partners around the world such as the UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and more as their hub for knowledge.
The participation of students in these programs strengthens their appreciation for social and cultural uniqueness, information sharing and skills, learning and teaching systems, collaborative networks, new partners, community service and as a 'small ambassador' of the State.
In MSU, the International Student Society supports all international students and activities such as:
  • Facilitates new students during registration
  • Assists international students to get adjusted in the new environment
  • Organizes activities that celebrate diversity and cultures across countries
  • Supports students’ needs around the campus 
  • Disseminates relevant information where necessary
There is a place for everyone at MSU, where education is offered through an entry system that facilitates admission from all walks of life, locally and internationally. We are committed towards providing the journey that will help to transform lives and enriching the future for all.
We look forward to having you at MSU!