Safety Advice

Safety is a concern for students and parents alike. For this reason, MSU places a very high emphasis on safety and aims to work with students to provide a secure learning environment. MSU has a very safe campus with around-the-clock security, 24/7. Security cameras are strategically placed throughout the campus. However, like anywhere else, you should also take responsibility for your own safety; whether you're in- or off-campus. Be aware of your surroundings and always use your common sense. Keep your belongings safe at all times and remember to keep a copy of your passport and Student Pass with you. You should never leave your belongings unattended at public spaces. 
Please note that the electrical voltage in Malaysia is 230/240 volts. Ensure that any equipment or electrical items you bring are within this range. Failure to do so may result in damage to your equipment or electrical items. To avoid any complication or any risk of damage to your items, bring travel adaptors with you or purchase adaptors at the nearest electrical shop in Shah Alam. Note that our power sockets are that of type G.  
Useful Emergency Contacts
Whether on- or off-campus, it is important to know who you should be calling in the case of an emergency. Below is a list of emergency contacts: