Research at Management & Science University is applied, collaborative, multidisciplinary, and strives to engage with communities and industries to reflect the recognitions MSU has received as the Top 10 University in Malaysia and the Top 100 University in the World according to QS Top 50 Under 50, which emphasises our commitment to be a world-class university in Transforming Lives and Enriching the future of every individual under our tutelage.

MSU solemnly believes that research has the power to shift policy, impact organisations, and improve people’s lives locally and globally. When research is aligned with the SDGs, it has the potential to combat the most pressing challenges facing our communities and our planet. Our researchers work collaboratively across disciplines to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. These are the same challenges driving the Sustainable Development Goals, and our transdisciplinary approach is integral to our commitment to developing a brighter research-adaptive environment and achieving these goals.

In order to pursue transforming lives and enriching the future through research and SDG culture at MSU, several internal grants were introduced, including the MSU Seed Grant (MSG), the MSU Translational Grant (MTG), and the MSU Publication and Conference Grant (MPCG). Apart from MSU self-initiative, there are also other external research grants, both international and national, that are available from a variety of sources, including government agencies (MOHE, MOSTI, Akademi Sains Malaysia, MDEC), non-profit organisations (Malaysia Toray Science Foundation, Qatar Research Fund, Newton-Ungku Omar Fund), and industry corporations like HOYA, SEERS, and others.

On top of that, these grants cover not only research material and equipment but also expenses for publication of articles and books, conferences, and exhibitions (national and international), as well as product commercialization, which are parts of the research outcomes. To learn more, visit our SDG website to find out more about how MSU researchers are meeting these global goals through their work!