Research at Management & Science University is applied, collaborative, multidisciplinary and strives to engage with communities and industries to reflect the recognitions MSU has as an industry embedded and the top private entrepreneurial University in Malaysia governed by ethical conduct.

Research Management Centre (RMC) categorises research according to MSU’s 25 Key Research Areas.

25 Key Research Areas


No Key Areas Faculty/School
1 Business & Management


2 Accounting & Finance
3 Entrepreneurship
4 Islamic Management
5 Social Media
6 New Media Technology FISE     
7 Big Data
8 Cyber Security
9 Engineering Innovative Solutions
10 Sustainable Energy
11 Applied Health Sciences FHLS     
12 Gastronomy & Nutrition
13 Forensic Sciences
14 Blindness Prevention
15 Environmental Sustainability
16 Medical Sciences IMS  
17 Traditional & Complementary Medicine
18  Pharmaceutical Design SPH   
19  Cosmeceutical Design
20  Halal Studies
21  Hospitality & Tourism Management SHCA  
22  Arts & Design
23  21st Century Education SESS  
24  Contemporary Societal Challenges
25  Community Interventions  CFS

MSU Research Groups



MSU Research Areas are supported by dedicated research groups from faculty and schools.


These research groups are clustered into the following 3 main clusters.
  1. Business & Social Science Cluster – the research groups under this cluster are IT In Business, Marketing and Retail, International Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Islamic Banking & Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Human Resource Management & Psychology, Law, School Bullying Research, Issues In Contemporary Cultural Appreciation, Critical Thinking of Preschoolers Research, Reading Comprehension of Orang Asli Children Research, Circus of Speech, TILES, Cell Division, Hospitality & Tourism, Fashionistas, Inter and Intracultural Studies Research (INTRAS), Islamic Development Research (ISDER), Development of Nation State Research (DENAS), Philosophy and Civilisation Studies (PiCS), Civilisation, History and Philosophy Studies (CHiPS), 
  2. Science & Technology Cluster has the following research groups – Engineering Innovative Solutions, Sustainable Energy, Big Data, Cyber Security, New Media Technology, Migrant Worker Health Research (MigWhealth), CaRes Cardiovascular Research
  3. Medical & Health Sciences Cluster – the research groups under this cluster are NeuNaTox - Interdisciplinary research of neuroscience, natural products and toxicity study, MARx - Marine science research focusing on the applied science of the marine organism in biomedical field, ParaEntomo - Research and investigation related to medical parasitology and entomology, PSY-BI - Psychosocial and Behavioural Intervention and Innovation, M-Colloids - formulation new product development and sensory analysis for the acceptability of food products, Holistic ENVOCH - Research on the exposure to occupational and environmental health hazards and the impacts to humans, EmbroThera - Anticancer Drug Discovery Using Vertebrate Embryo as Model, Nut-Res - Nutritional status of various group and nutrition intervention, Food-DESK - functional food development, evaluation of food safety and quality, and investigation of food structures as affected by food processing techniques, CDDhypo – computational drug discovery on hypothetical proteins, Virus and Bacteria Research (ViBa), ForCriM - Forensic Anthropology, Criminology, Forensic Odontology, Forensic Medicine and Forensic Chemistry, PRoBEs – Prevention of Blindness research, CIS-PR - cross-talk between cancer and inflammation, Neuropharmacology, CoaST - novel biomaterials based on natural origin (herbal and medicinal plants) and marine origin resources from ASIAN countries for different cosmeceutical applications, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and controlled drug delivery, NatPro R&D, Pharmaceutical Care, Public Health, Halal PCR, Medical Sciences (Microbiology), Diabesity, Translational research, Clinical medical research.
Research Priorities/ Key Performance Indicators
The key performance indicators for RMC is measured by the following portfolios according to priority:
  1. Publications 
  2. Research Grants
  3. Trainings & Competencies
  4. Knowledge Transfer Projects
  5. Awards & Recognitions
  6. Intellectual Property Rights
  7. Commercialisation
  8. Memberships & Collaborations
  9. Ethics Committee
  10. Centres of Excellence

RMC Units

Unit A. Audit & Quality Unit
  • The Audit and Quality Unit governs 4 main entities:
    • the Malaysian Research Assessment (MyRA) documentation, 
    • research minutes of meetings and reports, 
    • the university ethics committee (UEC) and 
    • research trainings.

Unit B. Engagements Unit
  • There are 5 components to the Engagements Unit:
    • grants, 
    • awards, 
    • international, 
    • community and 
    • industry.
Unit C. Publications Unit
    • This Unit has 4 components:
      1. books, 
      2. journals, 
      3. conferences and 
      4. online publishing.
  • MSU has two of its own scientific journals. Both these journals are cross disciplines supporting the nature of research at MSU.
    1. The Journal of Management & Science (JMS) dedicated to the science and technology clusters and
    2. Journal of Leadership & Entrepreneurship (JLE) which supports the business and social science cluster. 

Unit D. Commercialisation Unit
  • The commercialisation unit is highly specialised and works in tandem with our legal advisors and Leadership & Entrepreneurship Advancement (LEAD) Institute – one of the COEs.
  • This Unit provides advice and support to researchers who wishes to further their research in collaboration with industry for commercialisation, licensing, sold outright or as spin offs. 

Contact RMC
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Interested to publish with us
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