As part of the effort to address the security issues at the MSU open parking area, the University shall be implementing the following MSU Open Parking Policy which will be officially effective beginning June 1, 2014:
1. The MSU Open Parking Area is accessible only for MSU staff and students who has valid season sticker displayed clearly in front of their vehicle.
2. Season stickers can be purchased at the Account Department at the beginning of each designated season:
a. Season 1 will be January to June, and
b. Season 2 will be July to December.
3. Price of stickers are :
a. RM30 per season for cars or any 4-wheel vehicles.
b. RM15 per season for motorcycles.
4. When purchasing the season sticker, please ensure that your staff/student ID is activated accordingly to allow you to pass through the boom-gate.
5. Having a sticker DOES NOT guarantee you a parking space. It just allows you to enter the parking area and you may park your vehicle only if space is available.
Parking will be on ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis. You may park your vehicle at any available parking lot.
6. All vehicles parked at the open parking area are parked at owner’s risk. While we try our best to control the safety and security of the vehicles, the university shall not be responsible for any loss or damage. Thus, please ensure no valuables are left and all vehicles are locked and secured while it is left at the parking area.
7. When parking your vehicles in the parking area, you are advised to only park in the designated bays. Indiscriminate parking may cause inconvenience to others who may need to exit urgently.
Vehicle parked indiscriminately may be clamped and a RM50.00 penalty shall be imposed.
  1. Parking @ MSUMC
    Total Parking Bay 789 Lots, from Level 5a and above
    Nested Season-Student Rate RM50
    Nested Season-Staff Rate RM70
    Visitor Rate RM5/per entry
    Only with cashless payment via Touch n' Go/Debit/Credit Card
    Access Card RM50/pcs
    Season Parking Apply 1. Office Parking, Level 2, MSUMC
    • Scan QR Code provided.
    2. E-mail to [email protected]
    Clamp Penalty RM50

  2. Parking Level 1, MSU
    Total Parking Bay 222 Lots (Visitor Only)
    Staff Season rates/application RM250 (with designated parking)
    Liaise with Human Resource Office, Level 18, Management Tower
    Visitor - Motorcycle RM1.50/per entry
    Visitor Rate Effective from 1st September 2023, New Parking Rates at Parking Level 1, MSU will be applied for the visitor.
    • First 15 minutes: Free
    • First 5 hours: RM 6.00
    • Every subsequent hour: RM 1.00
    • Maximum charge per day: RM 10.00

    Only with cashless payment via Touch n' Go/Debit/Credit Card

    Make sure your TnGo has RM 10.00 minimum balance before entering Level 1, MSU parking.
    Access Card loss will be charged RM70
    Clamp Penalty RM50

  3. EV Charging Parking
    Total Parking Bay 2 Lots
    Rates RM0.40/per minutes