In driving and transforming MSU towards excellence, financial assistance has been provided to outstanding and deserving students to acquire quality education. The funds are distributed through various means including collaborative efforts between MSU and several public and private institutional partners. All scholarships, sponsorship and financial aid are offered through the MSU Foundation and the following scheme:
Presidents Scholarship
MSU’s very own scholarship is one such scheme that has over the years benefited lots of students. This is an award given to students who exhibit exemplary academic achievements and come from an economically challenged background
MSU Outstanding Rewards Scholarship (MORE)
MORE or MSU Outstanding Rewards Scholarship is initiated as an incentive to well-rounded students who are excels in academic with outstanding achievement in extra-curricular activities and have represented the state or school in any competition
Joint Scholarships
Joint scholarship schemes such as Berita Harian, The Star Education Fund and Nanyang Education Fund are some examples of MSU’s involvement in ensuring the less fortunate gets the opportunity to continue their tertiary education at MSU.
The scholarship is opened to all Malaysians and ranges from a full to a partial scholarship.
Fellowship and SLAB Schemes
In its effort to train qualified academics to manage the university’s human capital needs and to further enhance its research and innovation activities, MSU offers fellowship awards to local and foreign candidates for graduate studies leading to Phd at MSU.
The SLAB scheme, a fully funded internal programme aimed at developing academic staff in their pursuit of higher education, is another effort of the university among its staff development initiatives
Affin Education Financing-I
MSU also formed a strategic partnership with Affin Islamic Bank Berhad through the Affin Education Financing-I, a Syariah-compliant scheme which is designed to help intending students enter all undergraduate and postgraduate studies at MSU.

The National Higher Education Fund or Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi National (PTPTN) is an agency established under Ministry of Education, where it provides education loans to students pursuing their studies at local higher education institutions. 

This loan will enable students to fully or partially pay their fees and their subsistence for the duration of their study.