Catching up with the new MSUrians!
Student Story 15th Mar 2018

The Management and Science University (MSU) welcomed its new students last week! Their orientation week has just ended, so we decided to check up on them and see how they were doing! We got a lot of positive feedbacks which we want to share with all other MSUrians! Here’s what our new MSUrians feel about MSU so far!

Thivagar A/L Mathavan (Malaysia)
Bachelor in Event Management (Hons)

It has been one week since I registered here and it has been great so far. MSUrians are very friendly and everything is complete here. I don’t think I will get this kind of facilities elsewhere.

Muhammad Syahmi Bin Adzhar (Malaysia)
Bachelor in Creative Multimedia (Hons)

It is amazing how much I’ve learnt in just one week. I’ve made a lot of new friends. My seniors, lecturers and classmates are very helpful, and I am very happy for choosing MSU.

Hawwa Sunaena (Maldives)
Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Hons)

So far, the experience has been exhilarating! I am not sugar-coating anything when I say that MSU is beyond my expectations. I simply love it here!

Yap Wei Kian (Malaysia)
Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Piloting (Hons)

Everthing is great! I love the MSU culture, its environment and its people. I’m looking forward to more great learning experiences here.

Tooba Abdul Rasheed (Qatar)
Foundation (Science Biology/Health Science)

It’s great so far. The lecturers here are very helpful and I understand everything well in class. I believe I’ll have a bright future in the next four years with MSU!

Haamin Hassan Mohamed (Maldives)
Foundation (Science Biology/Health Science)

The environment at MSU is unique! I’ve enjoyed my time here so far, and hopefully I will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us! We hope our new MSUrians will have a great time ahead at MSU! Want to know more about their courses? Click here!