New partners of industry at MSU's 8th iReX
27 December 2018

3T theme of Techtour, Techcom, Technopreneur presents outstanding creativity and innovation across disciplines at MSU’s latest Idea Regeneration Exposition

Management and Science University (MSU) has run the eighth edition of its Idea Regeneration Expo (iReX).

Organized by MSU’s Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE), the event witnessed four new industry collaborators signing memorandums of understanding with MSU.

Welcoming them was Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid.

"The big picture in collaboration is about building talent for the country; for the next generation, the next centre of excellence, the next culture of innovation. We need strong university-industry cooperation to be a nation of innovators, and MSU shares the same aspirations with industry on building the nation's future talents."

The MSU President was speaking at the closing ceremony of the two-day Idea Regeneration Expo (iReX).

"Out there the demand nowadays is not just for the graduate but what has been built around his degree. The value you put around your degree will be your differentiator, and your learning environment from your first to your final semester contribute to that value. iReX is one such environment where you can enrich your professional attributes and increase the value of your degree.

"The keywords for I.R. 4.0 are applied, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary. iReX is all about preparing you for your future, so use it to develop your potential to the max in terms of creativity and innovation. Be willing to learn and keep learning. Discover the world through MSU's global mobility, leadership, and internship programmes; work everywhere, excel, innovate and conquer.

Three hundred fifty-eight final-year students across Media Science and Graphic, Information Science and Computing, and Engineering and Technology participated in Techtour, Techcom, Technopreneur (3Tech) themed activities at the eighth MSU Ideas Regeneration Expo (iReX).

Participating student academic clubs included Creative Art Club, Photography and Video Club, Computer Forensic Club, and Young Engineer Club.

MSU Bachelor in Creative Video and Photography (Honours)

MSU Bachelor in Computer Forensic (Honours)

MSU Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Piloting (Honours) 
MSU Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

iReX also ran an Innovation and Creativity Showcase (ICs) competition, with three medals up for grab in each of the Bachelor and Diploma categories across the three FISE departments. Among the eighteen winning entries was a fire-fighter robot with night-vision camera by Department of Information Science and Computing Bachelor in Computer Forensic (Honours) student Kalaivani Perumal. Another gold-medal winner was a self-weighing luggage with RFID-based security system, which won a gold medal for Department of Engineering and Technology Diploma student Nursyakirah Sulamin. 

MSU Master of Science in Engineering 
MSU Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

MSU's new partners of industry signing the MoUs comprise entertainment and media company iSentral TV, digital security solution company Secure Metric, 3D printing technology company 3D Gens, and IT consulting and managed-service company System RKK.

MSU Bachelor of New Media (Honours)
MSU Diploma in Public Relations and Entertainment Management

MSU Bachelor in Computer Science (Honours)
MSU Bachelor in Computer Engineering (Honours)

Also present as exhibitors at the MSU iReX booths were visual communication/merchandising company Studio Souffle; engineering innovation, technology development, and creative media production company DreamEDGE; as well as safety, efficiency, and competency consultant and trainer Rigil Services. A demonstration of 3D printer was provided by ServSolution Technology.

MSU Bachelor in Visual Communication and Marketing (Honours) 
MSU Bachelor in Games Design and Animation (Honours) 
MSU Bachelor in Creative Multimedia (Honours)

MSU Bachelor in Industrial Management (Honours)

MSU Bachelor in Product Design (Honours)

MSU Foundation in Engineering Technology

Industry Talk topics at the 8th iReX included 'Communication Skill in IT' by SP Setia Group Communication and Information Technology, 'Digital Transformation in Malaysia' by, and 'Free-Hand Sketching; Visualize to Win' by Joining them with more industry insights were DreamEDGE and KLK Oleomas.

MSU Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology (Honours)

MSU Master in Information Technology

MSU PhD (Information and Communication Technology)

MSU Foundation in Information Technology
MSU Foundation in Visual Arts

"The job landscape in 2022 will be filled with 133 million emerging new roles; among them, data analysts and data scientists. With the rise of robots, prepare to be human. You need to be one to give meaning to the data," closed Professor Tan Sri Dr Shukri.

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