MSU is top again for graduate employability
11 July 2019
Higher education’s primary focus is to equip the student for future careers, and employability is its ultimate measure of success. 

Employers want work-ready graduates – possessing professional knowledge, competitive skills, and balanced, well-rounded attributes. 


This year, the Ministry of Education Malaysia traced 98.7% MSU graduates as employed within six months of convocation. 


The achievement has for years been placing Management and Science University (MSU) firmly in the leading spot of Employers’ Top Choice for Graduate Employability in Malaysia.

Global mobility, humanistic values, and competitiveness through industry exposure enrich the learning experiences of all MSU students, and build employability into their learning ecosystem.

Rated QS 5 Stars for graduate employability on the QS World Universities Rating System, MSU is the place to call your higher education home; one that takes you from class to jobs.