1. Cosmeceutical and Skincare Technology

    • To revolutionize cosmetic industries by developing state of the art delivery systems and technologies for skincare.
    • Dedicated to developing novel biomaterials based on natural origin (herbal and medicinal plants) and marine origin from ASIAN countries.
    • To develop all-natural products without animal testing from eco-friendly ingredients, which is in-line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the WHO.
    • To provide consultation to the cosmetic industries in Malaysia and neighbouring countries.

    Key Research Area: Cosmeceutical Design

    SDG: Good health and well being


Research list:

  1. Regen-Cov and Covid-19, Update on the Drug Profile and Fda Status: A Mini-Review and Bibliometric Study
  2. The impact of carbamazepine crystallinity on carbamazepine-loaded microparticle formulations
  3. A Review of Moisturizers; History, Preparation, Characterization and Applications
  4. Lipsticks History, Formulations, and Production: A Narrative Review
  5. Application of Niosomes in Cosmetics: A Systematic Review