Description: ForCriM is a multi-disciplinary research team comprising of researchers from various areas of Forensics such as Forensic Anthropology, Criminology, Forensic Odontology, Forensic Medicine and Forensic Chemistry. Areas of interests include, amongst others: crime analysis, footprints, age estimation, gender determination, behavioural studies, postmortem changes and toxicological analysis. We have working associations with various organisations and law enforcement agencies. We support collaborative research that helps advance the science of forensic.
    Key Research Area: Forensic Sciences

    SDG: Good health and wellbeing

Research list:

  1. A Challenging Crime Scene Investigation Report: Alleged Murder, Unravelled the Mystery as Lightning Death
  2. Regression Analysis for Stature Estimation from Foot Length Measurement in Multi-Ethnic Population of Sarawak
  3. Gender determination from 2D foot impression among kagay anon population in philippines
  4. Gender prediction from fingerprint ridge density among malaysian hokkien population for crime scene application
  5. Stature determination from 2D foot impression among telugus in malaysia