1. Hospitality and Culinary Arts

    Description: Focusing on gastronomy areas (culinary arts, food service).

    • To conduct academic and scientific research covering wide range of hospitality and culinary arts spectrums.
    • To participate in the national and international practices devoted to the development of the related industries.
    • To observe and follow with the industrial and social networks for current provoking topics as a mean for collaborative research.
    • To establish new research areas, follow the international trends within related topics.
    • To ensure research conducted is applicable and integrated with the Malaysian market needs.

    Key Research Area: Hospitality & Tourism Management

    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  2. Hospitality – PGC

    • To promote event management researches for industries and education institutions.
    • To create the awareness of emergency planning and preparedness among hospitality institutions.
    • To enhance the understanding of Shariah compliant hotels.
    • To increase students and local participation in Ecotourism and Sustainability sectors.
    • To market the characteristics of Malaysian cuisines and attract gastronomic tourists.

    Key Research Area: Hospitality & Tourism Management

    SDG: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Research list:


  1. Visit intention and destination image in post-Covid-19 crisis recovery
  2. Malaysia Destination Image After Crisis Recovery: Factors Influencing Asian and European Tourists’ Visit Intention
  3. The Relationship Between Food Delivery Apps Attributes Towards Customer Perceived Value Among Young Working Adults In Shah Alam
  4. Food Wastage Awareness Among Restaurant Consumers In Subang Jaya
  5. Tourist Satisfaction Of Service Quality In Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur
  6. "Understanding the Influence of Media Richness in Developing Customer Trust, Commitment and Loyalty "
  7. "Media Sosial dan Perniagaan Kecil dan Sederhana (PKS) dalam Pelancongan di Malaysia"
  8. Predictors of Behavioral Intention among Tourist: The Case of Revisiting Street Food Spots in Penang, Malaysia
  9. Exploring Tourists’ Intention to Visit a Heritage Destination: Bukit Melawati, Selangor
  10. Understanding the Mediating Effects of Technology Factor on Social Media Acceptance among Budget Accommodations
  11. The Influence of Service Quality on Tourists Loyalty: A Case of Electric Train Services (ETS)
  12. Travel Experience on Social Media: The Impact towards Tourist Destination Choice
  13. Post COVID-10 Pandemic: The New Technology and Tourism Revolution for Tourism Fairs, Festivals and Events
  14. Social Media and Small and Medium Enterprises in the Malaysian Industry