1. SEIRS- Social Enterprise & IR 4.0 Sustainability

    Description: This research group focuses on IT in business. In recent decades, billions of dollars have been invested in information technology (IT). A key concern of business professional is alignment—applying IT in an appropriate and timely way and in harmony with business strategies, goals, and needs. Managing IT and business issues and how to make sure IT plays a role in organisations during the Industry Revolution 4.0 are important factors for achieving sustainability and organisational effectiveness.

    Key Research Area: Business & Management, New Media Technology

    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  2. New Media Technology

    Description: To develop products and industrial designs through innovation, which include ergonomic and anthropometric studies in design industry, material innovation, environmental sustainability, UI/UX for product and industrial design and biomimicry inspiration.

    Key Research Area: New Media Technology, Engineering Innovative Solution

    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure


Research list:

  1. VR Educational Teaching Tools for Viewing 3D View in Interior Design Education at Higher Institution
  2. Mobile Application Education Game for Middle School Student in Learning Bahasa Melayu (peribahasa) using Interactive Method 
  3. Review On The Usage of Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality Asissted Learning Tool in Aircraft Maintenance 
  4. Virtual Reality Based Application for Autistic Adolescents in Malaysia
  5. The Role Playing Games from Classic to Modern: Future Perspective