1. Digital Marketing

    Description: This research group focuses on marketing and retail management. We study on the key issues and challenges that are faced in contemporary marketing, marketing research, A & P strategies and for the future development of the concept and philosophy. We also focus on the relationship between companies and stakeholders, in addition to developing successful marketing strategies in the 21st century with the emergence of new media (e.g. social media). Along the way, we explore and discuss issues such as disengagement of customers (consumer behaviour) and ethical issues in marketing sphere.

    Key Research Area: Business & Management, Social Media

    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Research list:

  1. The Marketing Function of Social Media Platforms and Its Impact on the Brand Equity and Buying Behavior: A Study on Consumption Goods Directed to Jordanian Youth.
  2. The Effectiveness of Social Media (SM) IN Enrolling Students in Malaysian Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs)
  3. Factors Influencing Online Purchase Intention of Telecommunication Products Among Smartphone Users in Malaysia
  4. The Influence of Online Promotion on Customers' Perceived risk and Impulse Buying Intention.
  5. The Influence of Social Media to Building Brand Affinity among Malaysia Teenagers. Do the Malaysia Multicultural Environment Have any impact?