1. Sustainable Energy

    Objectives: Our research is focused on the development of biomaterials and coatings under the terms of Nano-filler/additions/coating. Bio-material supplements have several unique physical and mechanical properties such as biocompatibility, high recovery strain, and high absorption impacted materials that are ideally suited for fabrication of Nano smart-materials applications.

    Key Research Area: Sustainable Energy

    • Affordable and clean energy
    • Sustainable cities and communities
    • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Research list:

  1. Development a Portable Micro-Hydro Power Generation System for Rural Area
  2. Design a Portable Solar Mobile System with an IoT Integration-based 
  3. Towards A Clean Energy: Design A Wind‐Solar Hybrid Power Generation System for Highway Streetlights 
  4. Magic Mat: Design A Smart Power Generation System Using Piezoelectric Mechanisms