Bachelor of Information System in Auditing (Hons)

Course Title: Information Systems in Auditing, Bachelor (Hons)
Course Code: BFSA

What the course will give you
Information systems in auditing at Management and Science University (MSU) is delivered by the Department of Information Sciences and Computing (ISC) at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE). Courses offered on the BFSA programme include system analysis and design, computer architecture, principles of programming, data communication and network, database system, and data structure and algorithm.

A system of mentoring will add depth and breadth to your understanding of information systems in auditing. Industrial training at the end of your studies prepares you for your future career in information systems in auditing. With industry and entrepreneurship embedded in the MSU curriculum, the learning opportunities and experiences we provide you will also develop your creativity, leadership, and soft skills.

How long it will take you
3 years

Where the qualification may lead you to
Industry job titles include System Auditor, Software Engineer, Information Technology Executive, System Analyst, System And Methods Executive, Software Project Manager, Software Tester, Software Maintenance Staff, and Information Manager, among others.

Who can enrol
You need a Credit in Additional Mathematics at SPM/SPMV level.

You also need at least a C (CGPA 2.00) in two (2) subjects at STPM level; or Jayyid in STAM; or 2.0 CGPA in Matriculation/Foundation; or a Diploma in Computer Science / Software Engineering / Information Technology / Information Systems / other equivalents, from IKM / Community College / Polytechnic (MQF Level 4) / a recognized higher education provider (HEP), with at least 2.50 CGPA (CGPAs below 2.50 but above 2.00 will be subjected to rigorous internal assessment); Diploma in Science and Technology with at least 2.50 CGPA is also subject to rigorous internal assessment.

Applicants without a Credit in Additional Mathematics at SPM level may present equivalent Diploma in Mathematics subjects instead.

Other acceptable qualifications include a Pass in three (3) subjects at GCE A-Level including Additional Mathematics, and those recognized as equivalent by the Government of Malaysia.

KPT Reference
KPT/JPS (R3/481/6/0649) 07/21 

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