The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) at Management & Science University (MSU) provides a research education tailor-made for the global market. Its globally competitive pogrammes and highly selective recruitment distinguish MSU’s SGS for first pick among top students choosing a graduate school. SGS programmes are guided by MSU’s own vision for a global competitiveness that advances its students onto the world stage. They also incorporate MSU’s ideals of holistic learning that characterize the University’s teaching, distinguish its students’ learning, and define its graduates. Programmes at MSU’s SGS comprise biomedical sciences, food service technology, information technology, information and communication technology, computer science, engineering, pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, and health administration. As co-ordinator of MSU’s graduate studies, SGS strives to make your transition from graduate into researcher and scholar a smooth one. SGS encourages interdisciplinary research thus maintains strong inter-faculty links that enhance its knowledge-based human capital. It also constantly forms new alliances across industries and with institutions of higher learning worldwide. Your choice of SGS mirrors that of industries, who significantly feature in and sponsor the SGS alumni network.