PhD in Food Service Technology
About The Course
The MSU research programme leading up to the award of a PhD in Food Service Technology will equip you with comprehensive background theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable you to conduct research into food service technology and expand your understanding in your focus area of research. You will work under individual supervision to develop leading expertise in your area of choice, and a host of taught courses, will support your learning to help you reach your maximum potential. With guidance of expert academics, you will undertake rigorous research-related activities such as presenting in conferences and publishing in journals, leading up to viva voce and writing up your thesis.
Programme Structure Contents
You will need a Master’s degree or an equivalent qualification approved by MSU Senate. 
PhD (Food Service Technology) (PFST) is a research programme by the MSU School of Graduate Studies (SGS). 
  • Academia
  • Research and Development
  • Consulting
  • Health & Safety Agencies
KPT/JPS ( R2/541/8/0024 ) 10/20
Lecture Delivery Modes Contents
Facilities Contents
RM30,000 - RM35,000
*The stated fees are estimation on overall completion of the program. In any cases where there are credit exemptions, offered rebates or approval of scholarship applications, there will be considerable reduction in the fees

The fees stated here are for Malaysians or local students only. Kindly refer to MSU regarding the fees for international students
  • Research Methodology
  • Biostatistics
  • Graduate Seminar
  • Thesis Writing
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Duration of Study
2 years
Credit Hours