Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Piloting (Hons)

Course Title: Aviation Management and Piloting, Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Course Code: BAVM

What the course will give you
Aviation Management and Piloting at Management & Science University (MSU) will prepare you well for your future career in the world of aviation, equipping you with a solid foundation in the business management principles of the aviation industry.

In your first year, you will be taught engineering physics, information technology, aircraft, aerodynamics, flight rules and air law, radio telephony, instrument and flight navigation, and aviation English, also receive your first flight training. You will be introduced to aircraft design, control systems, and Matlab programming in your second year, before taking on the CPL modules and continuing with your flight training. You will do two research projects in your third year and learn the management and business sides of aviation while continuing with technical and pilot trainings, and intern with industry at the end of the programme.

How long it will take you
3 1/2 years

Where the qualification may lead you to
A degree in aviation management and piloting gives you the best of both worlds – that of the aviation manager and the commercial pilot. Your career options are diverse, including among others the business side of aviation – marketing, logistics, finance – and the flight operations side – commercial piloting, maintenance, and safety.

Who may enrol
You need to pass SPM with Credit in FIVE (5) subjects including Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, English, Physics, and Geography AND to take the Malaysian University English Test (MUET). You need also to pass STPM with at least a C in General Paper, Physics, and Mathematics OR the MSU Foundation programme in Information Technology & Engineering with at least 2.5 CGPA OR an MSU Diploma programme (KKM Level 4) or equivalent as approved by MSU Senate.

You MUST also obtain a Medical Fitness report from the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to fulfil the Commercial License requirement, and pass the Computerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System (COMPASS) Test by MSU.

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Piloting (Hons) programme (BAVM) is a three-and-a-half-year programme of the Department of Engineering & Technology at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE) of Management & Science University (MSU).

KPT Reference
KPT/ JPS (N/345/6/0933) 04/21

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