PhD in Food Service Technology

Course Title : PhD in Food Service Technology 
Course Code : PFST

What the course will give you
The MSU research programme leading up to the award of a PhD in Food Service Technology will equip you with comprehensive background theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable you to conduct research into food service technology and expand your understanding in your focused area of research. You will be prepared for exciting and important careers in the food service technology industry.

How long it will take you
Full-time: 2 years

Where the qualification may lead you to
The food industry is among the largest in the world, so all along the food supply chain you will always have a job. Your PhD in food service technology will serve you well for positions of academia, especially, as Assistant/Associate Professor, for instance, teaching in courses on food technology and all its related areas.

Who may enrol
You will need a Master’s degree or an equivalent qualification approved by MSU Senate.

PhD (Food Service Technology) (PFST) is a research programme by the MSU School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

KPT Reference
KPT/ JPS (R2/541/8/0024) 10/20

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