A rising star in Islamic Finance
Student Story

Muhammad Uzair Zulkifly with Professor Stuart Corbridge, Vice-Chancellor of Durham University, UK

“My beginning at MSU was the stepping stone to my success today,” says Muhammad Uzair Zulkifly, alumni of Foundation in Business at Management and Science University (MSU).
An enthusiast of Islamic economics, Muhammad Uzair Zulkifly had started his academic career with MSU’s Foundation in Business. Armed with a scholarship from Management and Science University (MSU), he went on to study International Economics and Trade at Coventry University in the United Kingdom, one of MSU’s partner universities worldwide.
As a member of the Coventry University Islamic Society, Uzair gained vital experience in disseminating correct information on Islamic values in social economics. Thereon, he studied the wider moral aspects to Islamic banking and finance under Professor Mehmet Asutay and Professor Habib Ahmed – prominent figures in Islamic economics – at Durham University, UK, before graduating with distinction and receiving the award of Best Dissertation from Durham Business School Islamic Finance Faculty.

Uzair with Professor Mehmet Asutay


Naming Prophet Muhammad as his biggest inspiration, Muhammad Uzair agrees with Karl Polanyi, the political economist whose best work “The Great Transformation” proposes understanding the modern market economy and the modern nation-state as a unified entity called the Market Society. Uzair believes that from the Islamic economic perspective, a market society is essential to Maqasid-al-Shariah, whose underlying theme is fair realization of basic human rights.
Society’s economic well-being has been a cause close to Uzair’s heart right from the beginning where it all started at Management and Science University (MSU). He encourages MSUrians to partake of the university’s active global engagement with communities as well as industries. “These are opportunities that will not only provide you with immense exposure but also catapult your career,” said the MSU alumnus. Muhammad Uzair Zulkifly should know because he had been on the university’s Global Leadership Programme (GLP), working and interacting with people across the globe, experiencing foreign cultures, making new friends and career networking.
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