Diploma in Business Computing
About The Course
To have a competitive advantage in the business world, business owners must be able to take advantage of the internet and the technologies related to it, and employees with up-to-date knowledge in e-business breakthroughs ensures a lead in the industry. The Diploma in Business Computing programme is focused on core courses in business computing as well as the latest developments in the e-business industry, to give you an advantageous edge in the job market. You will spend a large part of your studies engaged in group-based learning and developing relevant transferable skills in communication, teamwork and leadership through the assessments given.
Year One
  • Computer Organisation and Architecture
  • Basic Discrete Mathematics
  • Algorithm and Data Structure
  • Practices of Management

Year Two
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Fundamentals to Database
  • Statistics and Probabilities
  • Industrial Training

Year Three
  • Visual Basic Programming
  • Data Communication and Network
  • Operating System
  • System Support
  • Software Development
  • Computer Networking
KPT/JPS ( R/482/4/0061 ) 11/19
This programme will assist you in your transition to university or employment and may give you guaranteed entry into the Bachelor in Business Computing or other related bachelor programmes at Management and Science University.
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Duration of Study
2 ½ years
Credit Hours