MSU Global Leadership Programme (MSU GLP) is focussed on preparing students to become the leaders of tomorrow in their chosen fields and to further develop a global mindset. It is structured to provide opportunities to students to enhance their study experience and develop important leadership skills and global mindset.

MSU GLP will equip students with the leadership potential, professional skills and international experiences to pursue a truly international career, through various competency activities designed for them. They can not only learn global skills and understanding it but can put them into practice by studying, volunteering and participating in activities in Malaysia and abroad.

MSU GLP is offered to local and international offshore students of MSU, illustrating a commitment by MSU to internationalisation and to the competencies of MSU graduates. Importantly, the MSU GLP is relevant to students from any discipline of study - whether it be social studies, humanities, business studies, technology, science or hospitality.

Experiential Credit
The MSU GLP awards transferable credits towards selected academic subject component. Students have to check with the faculty on the relevant subjects and the component it is transferable for.

Upon successful completion of MSU GLP students will receive a Certificate of Completion and a notation on their transcript, which can provide a competitive edge in the global employment market.

In addition to the certificate, the GLP point merit system will allow transferable credit/merit into an academic subject.

The MSU GLP is open to all MSU postgraduate students and undergraduate students who excel in their studies. Undergraduate students who are in the President’s List and Dean’s list are encouraged to be a member of the GLP.

GLP Framework
To successfully complete the program and gain a Certificate of Completion, students must attain a minimum of 40 point s from the GLP activities plus 10 points for completion and submission a GLP portfolio.

The breakdown of GLP activities are as follows:



A. Global Awareness Series:
Students will be required to participate in workshops, seminars, debates or discussions which will introduce and expose them to international issues, culture and way of doing things, and will also provide them with generic soft skills that they can use in their professional life.

GLP C01: Cross Cultural Understanding (10 points)
Attend a series of talks discussing various cultures and religions to enable awareness of a different culture, including the concept of its application to business ethics / awareness of important religious dates/working time in relation to conducting global business. 

The Cultural Talks provide students with an insight into 4 different areas of the globe: China, Africa, India and Europe. 

Students are required to attend at least two sessions from this stream. 

GLP C02: Intercultural Engagement (5 points)
Students will learn about and unfamiliar culture and way of doing things. Students are required to be engaged for one semester in an intercultural activity within MSU campus. 

Options include: MSU culture club (other than own/Malaysian culture), Peer Mentor, International Student Society. 

Students are also required to complete the mandatory reflection as evidence of completion.
15 points (this 15 points can be offered and attained via various activities within this category)
B. Global Experience:

Learn about another country, its history and culture from inside by going abroad. Engage in a cross-cultural activities and gain experiential learning. 

GLP E01: MSU Global Mobility Program (10 points – optional)

Students will learn about and unfamiliar culture and way of doing things. Students are required to be engaged for one semester in an intercultural activity within MSU campus. 

One week in outbound MSU Global Mobility Programme 

  • India
  • China
  • UK
  • Japan
  • Turkey
  • Indonesia
  • Dubai
GLP E02: MNC Industry Visit (5 points per visit)
Visits to Malaysia base multi-national company 
GLP E03: Internship Abroad (20 points)
Visits to Malaysia base multi-national company 

GLP E04: One Week Field Trip (10 points)
Participate in any international activity conducted by the faculty.

GLP E05: 25-hour Community Volunteer (5 points)
Participate in an intensive community volunteer activity conducted by the university or external bodies. 

GLP E06: Participate in a Homestay programme (5 points)
Visits to Malaysia base multi-national company
20 points
(this 20 points can attained via various activities within this category)
C. Leadership Workshop Series

Students are required to take part in various workshops that will expand their vision of leadership and enhance their leadership skills. 

GLP L01: The Distinguished Speaker Series (5 points – mandatory)

This is one of the unique opportunities open to students undertaking the MSU GLP. A series of distinguished, high profile speakers will inspire and share their experiences with you via talks, seminars, conferences. They will provide insights of the international/global issues, plus gain generic knowledge that can be applied in personal, academic, and professional life.

At each event you will be exposed to the leadership and international experiences of professionals in academia, business, government, international relations and non-profit sectors. 

Students must attend at least 2 of these events a year, for each year that they are in the program.

GLP L02: Public Speaking 101 (5 points – mandatory)

Good leaders are often expected to present their message with confidence and clarity. 

Students are required to attend and participate in lectures and workshops that will provide them the tips and know-how on public speaking. 

Students will be given a task to speak in an open area on a topic given to them.

GLP L03: Think Tanks (5 points – mandatory)

Think Tanks require students to make an informed argument about several global issues from various disciplines and allow collaboration with students from different academic and professional backgrounds. 

Attending facilitated Think Tanks regarding relevant and contested global issues will allow postgraduate students participating in the GLP to extend their research and critical thinking skills beyond the passive learning experience of lectures and allow them participate in an environment of discussion, participation and learning. 

Post-graduate students must attend at least 4 of the 3 hour Think Tanks in order to meet this requirement of the program. Materials generated in these Think Tanks will be distributed to members of the undergraduate GLP for learning purposes 

GLP L04: Finding Your Leadership Strength (5 points – mandatory)
20 points
(this 20 points can attained via various activities within this category)
D. Global Enterprise
Gain in depth knowledge of the skills required to start up your own businesses, introducing elements vital to running a business enterprise within a global environment. 

Entrepreneurial workshop series (LEAD):
  1. Starting and Planning your own Business
  2. Financing a New Business Venture
  3. Introduction to Small Business Management
  4. Introducing New Products and Services to a Global Market
  5. Introduction to International Entrepreneurship

Students are required to complete all the workshop series to attain the 20 points.
20 points