Bachelor in Education (Science) (Hons)
About The Course
The MSU honours degree programme in science education offers you the chance to pursue your interest in sciences and become a specialised secondary school teacher. You will be instrumental in cultivating and guiding the early years of schoolchildren’s scientific education. The curriculum is specially designed to give you the fundamentals in science whilst balancing it with theoretical aspects in education. Our experienced lecturers will guide you throughout your studies and the on-campus facilities will give you the needed training required. The holistic learning experience that you will experience at Management and Science University will ensure you graduate with right mind-set for a career in education.
You need a Credit in Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu (Syllabus X) Bahasa Malaysia II at SPM level AND at least THREE (3) C’s including in Pengajian Am / Kertas Am (General Studies / General Paper) at STPM level or TWO (2) C’s including in Pengajian Am / Kertas Am (General Studies / General Paper) plus TWO (2) D’s; OR THREE A-levels; OR an MSU Foundation Certificate; OR an MSU or a PTPL Diploma; OR an equivalent qualification recognized by MSU Senate. 
Bachelor (Hons) in Education (Science) (BES) is a three-year career-focused industry-developed programme of MSU’s School of Education & Social Sciences (SESS). 
Year One
  • Professionalism and Ethics in Education
  • Psychology in Education
  • Sociology of Education
  • Health Science
Year Two
  • Chemistry
  • Educational Measurement and Assessment in Science
  • Education Technology
  • Mathematics
Year Three
  • Micro Teaching
  • Microbiology
  • Internship: Teaching Practical
  • Secondary School
  • Science Teacher Curriculum Consultant
KPT/JPS ( N/145/6/0043 ) 03/19
Bachelor in Education (Science) is an ideal pathway into education-related postgraduate programmes including the Master in Educational Management and Leadership offered by MSU's Graduate School of Management.
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Duration of Study
3 years
Credit Hours