About the Course

MSU's Diploma in Fashion Design programme aims to develop creative awareness and understanding of fashion and textiles through the practices of research, drawing, and technical skills, also through an understanding of colour, texture, pattern, and form, and an awareness of fashion and textiles as a three-dimensional experience. You will be introduced to the research and design cycles and encouraged to develop your design skills besides adding your individual approach to both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. Your classes are real-world and use industry technology and software. Your lecturers are industry professionals themselves, experts who developed our curriculum and share our passion in experiential learning. Their experience and industrial links are important in this fast-moving industry, keeping you abreast with industry happenings. At the end of your studies, we celebrate your talent by asking you to design for the runway, create pieces from your own unique vision.

Entry Requirements
You will need THREE (3) Credits at SPM/O-level and a Pass in Pendidikan Seni (Art Education); OR a PTPL Certificate with 2.00 CGPA; OR an equivalent qualification recognized by MSU Senate. 
Candidates who failed or did not sit SPM Pendidikan Seni (Art Education) must pass MSU’s interview and portfolio test. 
Diploma in Fashion Design (DFD) is a two-and-a-half-year career-focused industry-developed programme of MSU’s School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA). 
Duration of Study

2 ½ years


 (R2/214/6/0034) (11/26) (MQA/FA0425)

RM25,000 - RM30,000
*The stated fees are estimation on overall completion of the program. In any cases where there are credit exemptions, offered rebates or approval of scholarship applications, there will be considerable reduction in the fees
The fees stated here are for Malaysians or local students only. Kindly refer to MSU regarding the fees for international students
Among the Courses Offered
Year One
  • Sample Making
  • Introduction to Visual Design
  • Introduction to Fashion
  • Basic Marketing for Fashion
Year Two
  • Fashion Design Interpretation
  • Draping
  • Fabric Studies
  • Industrial Training
Year Three
  • Garment Production
  • Visual Display and Merchandising
Career Prospects
  • Design Assistant
  • Production Assistant
  • Junior Pattern-Maker / Cutter
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