Work life can be exhaustive, as responsibilities for managing various facets of life might double up. Making ends meet while managing finances, health, family time, me-time, and many other components of adulthood come with adulting. Graduates who go through this phase might feel lost or confused.

The university is more concerned about the repercussions that unmanaged stress can have than the practicalities of careers. The MSU Alumni Community provides tools to support mental health and prepare one for the challenges of the future.

  1. Connect with fellow alumni.
    Bond with alumni all around the world and share experiences.

  2. Make a date to visit.
    Visiting from one place to another can be an eye-opener for a person.

  3. Visit the campus together.
    Gather your classmates and walk down memory lane together.

  4. Hearing podcasts.
    Listen to experts for life-changing sharing.