Dear all MSU/ MSU Colleges students,

With the recent announcement made by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), students can now make their way home based on the guidelines provided. This is applicable to students whose family homes are located in the green zones and strict guidelines and SOPs are to be adhered to, as outlined by MOHE.

  1. One-off Program
    This is a one-off program organized by MOHE, after over 40-days of the Movement Control Order (MCO) taking place, to ensure local students at universities/colleges can go home. This is a limited time arrangement done by MOHE.

  2. Going Home / Stay-Back Options
    Students are encouraged to take up this program, which is fully sponsored and supported by MOHE and arrangements done are based on deliberations made by MOHE and relevant authorities including the Ministry of Health. All factors have been considered to ensure movement of the students are done safely.

    However, students must also note that, classes will commence as scheduled. Students may encounter no access of internet or other tools to facilitate the teaching and learning while they are at home. Hence, if there are students who wish to stay-back, they are ALLOWED to do so. Meals for Iftar/Sahur throughout Ramadhan will be provided via the Meals on Me (MoM) Program. Meals will also be provided during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

  3. Steps to Take
    Only fill in the required forms IF you are:
    1. Local MSU students (Malaysian only)

    2. Those who choose to GO BACK HOME ONLY (regardless of your hometown in green, yellow or red zone)

    3. STUDENTS WITHIN SELANGOR, please fill up Link : ONLY (no need for MOHE/KPT form)

    There are 2 forms that you need to fill in:
    • 3.1 MSU google form (purpose: for health declaration & application of MSU’s permission letter "surat kebenaran pegerakan pelajar")
      Link :

    • 3.2 MOHE’s (KPT) form (purpose: for transportation movement)
      Link :

      *Please ensure the forms are FULLY & ACCURATELY filled in*

    • 3.3 After you have filled in the form, please join the whatsapp group according to your zone area for further action. There will be an SCD officer in-charge in each group and next action will be announced in those groups. Please comply with the instructions given.
      Link Whatsapp Group :

  4. Health Screening Prior to Travelling
    • Upon filling up the forms in Step 3, students in each assigned whatsapp group will have MSU SCD officer to brief on health screenings and documentation.

    • Students will undergo screening for symptoms before allowed to proceed with the travelling. The health checks will be done at MSU Medical Centre Specialist Hospital (MSU students) or relevant selected hospitals/clinics (MSUC students).

  5. Special Package (Optional)
    For those visiting MSU Medical Centre for the health screening, MSU students are also provided a special COVID-19 test package at RM330 (usual RM550) only during this limited period.

  6. Travelling Plans
    • Instructions and departure details WILL BE PROVIDED by MOHE. Kindly follow the steps indicated by MOHE.

    • Travelling periods are from 9pm to 9am to ensure a controlled journey and avoiding mass movement

    • 2 documents required for travelling home :
      • a) Health Declaration Letter – provided by MSUMC/hospitals (refer No 4)

      • b) Permission Letter – provided by MSU/MSUC Admin and Records

    • Students are advised to adhere to the SOPs pertaining to social distancing, self-hygiene, masks-wearing and light-travelling during this time.

  7. For any enquiries on all the above, kindly contact the hotlines below
    • Mr Syamsu : 0 17-352 3780
    • Mr Fareez : 0 13-207 7719

We wish all students a safe journey home to be with your loved ones. Stay safe and take care!