Best Green Invention Award to MSU's MyCoral Seascape Innovation
21 May 2019

ITEX 2019 presents special award and six medals including three gold medals to Management and Science University (MSU)

Management and Science University (MSU) bagged the Best Green Invention Special Award for MyCoral Underwater Seascape innovation at this year’s International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2019). 

The eco-marine Climate Action initiative supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) for Life Below Water also took home a gold medal through the Environment, Energy category of ITEX 2019. MyCoral is a bio-marine project by MSU’s International Medical School (IMS).

Greening the blue with MyCoral 3.0

Another gold medal was awarded to MSU in the Automation, Manufacturing category for Fire Fighter Robot with Night Vision Camera. Designed to detect a fire and automatically respond, it can reduce the threat of burn accidents to humans; a safer alternative to fire extinguishing. 

Fire Fighter Robot with Night Vision is an invention by MSU’s Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering. The MSU team comprises Vice-Chancellor Professor Puan Sri Datuk Dr Junainah Abdul Hamid, AP Dr Muhammad Irsyad Abdullah, Dr Musab Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Rawi, Kalaivani Perumal, Vincent Lim Then Sean, Ammar Ahmed Mohammed Ali, Mohammed N. Abdulrazaq, Omar Ismael Ibrahim, and Falah Younis Hamode Ahmed.   

Bringing in the third gold medal to MSU through the Medical, Health category is AkuaRiz Gamat Extract, a health supplement derived from glycosaminoglycan-rich sea cucumber. Glycosaminoglycan is a building-block polymer for proteoglycan, a component of the extracellular matrix in the cartilage playing an important role in osteoarthritis treatment.

Gold medal for Gamat Extract at MTE 2019 

Medical, Health also presented another medal to MSU. The category's silver winner is Betelnizer, a microbe-fighting natural sanitizer guarding against bacterial/fungal infections.

Gold medal to MSU for Betelnizer

MSU clinched two more silver medals through the Child Care, Special Care and the Beauty, Fitness, Sports categories.

In the Child Care, Special Care category is a smart, affordable technology aiding the blind. Future Vision, which had grabbed the PERINTIS 2018 Special Award for Engineering and Technology Innovation, comprises obstacle-detecting smart walking-stick, hat and shoes. The tool system embedded with ultrasonic sensors attached to a vibrator helps the vision-impaired find their way home by syncing with GPS settings on their smartphone.  

MSU Bachelor in Engineering Technology (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours)

MSU Master of Science in Engineering
MSU Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

Oh-Ka-Boshi from the ITEX Beauty, Fitness, Sports category is a halal feminine skincare product. “Oh-Ka” for “Cherry Blossoms” and “Boshi” for “Star” speak of the potential baby-pink softness and starry glow effect of using the product. Oh-Ka-Boshi is a joint invention by Associate Professor Dr Mohd Fadli Mohd Asmani of MSU’s School of Pharmacy; Professor Dr Eddy Yusuf of MSU ICHLAS; MSU President Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid; and MSU Honorary Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Science, Professor Dr Kenji Sugibayashi of Josai International University (JIU) Japan.

MSU launches products of new collaborations in pharmacy